Whether you talk to students or prospects.
Bring your prospects together and celebrate them.
Express yourself, pass on all the important message.


Imagine people being able to clearly and easily make out who that is up on that respectable stage with such great sound? Imagine looking at your audience and seeing all those faces looking right back at you and you see the colors of your brand washing through their faces? Now imagine the effects behind you, what the audience is seeing?

Imagine a stage made of the strongest wood the country has to offer, a steel that is so strong a full 10 ton truck can stand on it on display? In a color that you and only you see in your vision daily, elevated and towering over your audiences, clearly visible from every corner of the room, a stage so rigid and stable it gives off the command of respect when you are on stage delivering a speech?
Now imagine closing your speech and everyone in the room stands up, Gazing up at you in admiration and you start to hear clapping and it is Growing and growing eventually you realize that it is a standing ovation? The pride…The Confidence… Self-worth Wouldn’t that be great??? I bet it would… this is what we do

Imagine your presentation clearly visible on the big screens, it is hours and hours of brain storm and Planning but now the message is clear, concise and to the point, heard and seen across the room, all the hours of planning and plotting are finally coming together?
Imagine a PA system of the highest quality brands where even human error does but a dent to quality, Shure, BSS, and JBL etc.? Your Voice strain less, Sound so Clean, free of crackles and screeches, Imagine sound clearly delivered equally across the room, naturally attracting the ears of your listeners, communication so clear and crisp? Everyone is looking at you?


Founder & Director

Sizwe Mokoena
a (founding member) has vast experience in the field having done high class Events over the past 19 Years which range from Theatricals, Concerts, Boxing events, Corporate, Festivals and Product launches. Examples are, Lira’s DVD shoot, Solly Mahlangu’s DVD shoot, Thandiswa and Caiphus Semenya DVD shoot, Helmut Lotti SA tour, Grahamstown arts festival, Katty Melua SA tour, Craig Davids Voda dome, Avril Lavigne, Aardloop, KKNK in Oudshoorn and EFC Africa to name a Few. He speaks 9 South African languages fluently

Spent 5 years in Management overseeing 4 Venues at Sun International’s Sun carnival City casino Recently completed a full time one year course in Leadership and Management with the Wits Business School, it is NOT business as usual.
Maria Smith
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